220ct Amazing Fossilized Welo Ethiopia Opal~CMOVIE

220ct Amazing Fossilized Welo Ethiopia Opal~CMOVIE
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220ct Amazing N2 Black Fossilized Welo Opal Item Description Description: Welo Ethiopia Fossilized Opal. Rare opalized bone formation. Weight: 220ct Size: 40x40x30mm Type: Welo Ethiopia Opal Rough Fossilized Opal Shape: Natural Rough Shape Color: Brilliant 5/5 non directional saturated Red color play mostly showing green as secondary color showing. Body Clarity: Opaque N2 Black Base Comment: The white lines seen on the surface of this opal are natural healed cracks that filled in over time with white opal. Very interesting phenomenon.The outer shell that is encasing the black opal is a dark green color that seems to be some sorta of fossil that the black opal has formed inside of. Very Unique.