Client Feed Back

Client Feed Back
Dear Jon,

I received the opals from my colleague.

The piece I bought is absolutely stunning! Many thanks for the very generous extras and superb packing. Best R

Carolyn NY Hi Jon, The opal arrived today and it is absolutely magical! I have never seen so much fire come out of an opal, and especially the red and purple colors.I took it out of the package and got out my penlight and loupe, then said the heck with this, I took it outside in the sun. I was drawn into the were so right. You have to see it to believe it. I have to tell you....I am at a point in my studies with Gem ID where I was feeling stuck.I'm doing Refractive index of cabs and rough...and it is not easy! I was ready to close the books for a while and put away the equipment because I am frustrated..I think I remember why I got into collecting (at age 5) and now studying after seeing the beauty in this stone and I'll try again. Thank you so much... Carolyn

Kevin NM They look good! I havenít started on them yet, but hope to soon. I had to start cutting some tourmaline, but as time allows Iím going to shape up the opals and get them ready to go. Iíll send some pics if things turn out as nicely as I think.

Douglas FL Jon, Just wanted to let you know that the opal rough arrived today and I have already trimmed rubs out of each. Should get two around 3ct and one at a bit over 1ct. Many Thanks, Doug

Prep NC Hi Jon! Just got the package a short while ago and couldn't wait to open. No switch necessary. I would be surprised if you have any that are any more beautiful than the ones that you picked. I hope to start working with some of them tomorrow. Many thanks. Prep

Scott GA Jon, I couldn't be happier with this, the Opal is astounding and will cut many Beautiful stones, I will be making Jewelry out of the Bulk of this lot, and I feel pretty good about our return. Please keep me in the loop with material as you have it available.. Many Thanks!! Scott Moon

Greg WA Well Jon my package arrived and I am amazed with all of the opals you sent. You are a very generous man and I thank you very much. Thank you Greg

Jason GA Hi Jon, I received the opals and I must say I am impressed! The color in them is amazing. Thanks Jason

Patrick MD HI I just received the opals , they look great I will enjoy cutting and polishing them , the gifts were awesome thanks a lot. I will buy again for sure, again thanks for the gifts they were greatly appreciated Patrick

Bill WA Hey Jon, Recieved the opal today.......Incredible! I already started carving. It is beautiful material to work with. You are offically my new opal guy. The free gifts are awesome as well. Thanks a million, I will be ordering more in the next week or so. Best regards, Bill

Judy CA Hi Jon I received the opals today and I am very pleased. I will see what I can do with them and will send a pic. of them. You have the best buy I have found. Thank You So Very Much Judy

Mr FLAVIO BERNI Italy Thanks for everything. You are real Expert. The stones are beautiful . I between 25 days are dismissed from the old work and I am starting to make Opals in house and sell on the Internet. Certainly purchase still to be you in the future. See you soon. Flavio

Gary Germany Wow Jon amazing opals i will sure be buying from you again. Thanks alot. Gary

U. Farooq INDIA Dear Jon, Thanks you very much for sending rough as per our order on time. i Just received rough and your opal rough have unbelievable fire play. its have amazing fire and also that's opal is stable that's what i like it very much. i'm in this business in last 15 year and i'm not see opal like that. Thanks you very much for send that best graded rough. i'm very glad to get it, i hope we can do long term business."Thanks you again" U. Farooq

Mac HI Hi Jon, Just got those opals, WOW! This is probably the most amazing batch of opals I think I've ever seen. That big dark piece is unbelievable! And that huge piece is going to be a lot of fun to work with! Much thanks, your service is a huge help and very much appreciated. I look forward to getting some more very soon. Thank you again, and take care ~Mac

Mike NY Hi Jon, The new batch arrived this morning. They look great and will be perfect for my needs. I'll get them all organized here and get back with you soon on payment. Thanks very much for your help, I always appreciate the pick you send us.Here's a pic of an amber piece I cut too...thanks, Mike

John FL I have collected Ethiopian opal of the choco and cherry types that were mined from Yita Ridge in the Shewa Province since 1986. This opal is of a volcanic source. When it breaks it resembles obsidian or volcanic glass. This opal generally has a base color or chocolate, red, orange, and a rare clear and colorless. In all base color types electric blue, green, vivid red, bright golden yellow, the occasional top amethyst purple can be found, though only the very luckiest of individuals will have a specimen that shows all colors. Some of the crystal white and oranges have been cut and faceted into small gemstones, though the rate of loss versus the amount of raw material cut is a heartbreaking procedure, A near flawless faceted gem is highly sought after and will no doubt continue to climb in value We are seeing more of the choco and cherry cabachons enter the market and rates vary widely. The best of these will be aesthetically shaped, be free of any of the rhyolite (hard cement like covering) and little if any crazing on the exterior. Cracking is more serious as it will generally extend ultimately across the entire the entire stone. When cracking does occur it's best to take it to a good jewel's and have them seal it. Life goes on and it just adds to the gems story. The Welo and Gondar Opal, the new opal finds from Ethiopia that we are still learning about. There is still a lot of gossip, disinformation and plain lies put out by some to manipulate markets on a small scale or to get a deal to go their way. I in no way claim to be an authority on these opals, but I do know some things and I'll be glad to share what I know. I'll use bullet points because they're easier to follow.a. I have seen none of this material that appears to be from a volcanic origin. Some is less prone to breakage than other material, don't know why yet.b. Some of this material is hydrophane, means it loves water. After getting wet it has its full color and the colors and be quite vivid. When the hydrophane opal dries out, it goes back to its original color and loses the extra color. It goes back and forth like that, wet and dry.c.This material is fairly easy to cut for an opal and the amount of loss due to waste is less than a lot of other opals. To keep the opal on a gem and off the floor in a chip you have to be willing to have some free-form cabachons.d.ONLY wash ANY kind of opal in plain water. NEVER USE SOAP OR OIL!!!e. Never put an opal in an ultrasonic jewelry cleanerf. This opal will be about a 4.5 on the Mohr's scale of hardness, pretty soft. Recommend putting it in a protective setting that will protect while wearing and if it gets dropped. I mentioned before that I've had opal for several years, and it has been through Jon Young and many,many weeks of conversations he launched this site and I'm happy to have been smart enough to invest early, so I'm looking everyday! John C. Owner of the rough nodule section and first buyer of the facet cut Welo and now a Welo Opalaholic.

Kevin IL Hi Jon, that was a beautiful piece of dark welo! If you get any more please let me know,Thanks Kevin