RARE Welo Ethiopia rough opal pieces

RARE  Welo Ethiopia  rough opal  pieces
This section is dedicated to all the large and rare pieces of Welo Ethiopia opal rough we have had the pleasure of seeing over the years. If your interested in owning a huge Welo opal rough or finished email us we will find you a opal you will love. Check back often. Enjoy. 600 Grams Welo Ethiopia Crystal Opal Piece.

️❤️💛💚💥💥1600ctw (321g)Welo Ethiopia Opal Rough Specimen. 💥💥Mixture of color play brightness from 3-5/5.

❤️💛💚💥💥1692 Gram Huge Welo Ethiopia Opal Rough Piece💥💥. Saturated 4-5/5 color play brightness. Over 90% crack free.

💥❤️💛💚💥1,100 Gram Welo Ethiopia Opal Rough Piece. 9250ctw Huge Welo Ethiopia Opal Rough/Specimen Piece.

30,000ctw Huge Welo Ethiopia Opal Rough/Specimen. Excellent collection rough piece.

Fishheadopal 1100grams Welo Ethiopia Crystal Opal Rough Piece. 6000ctw Welo Ethiopia Opal Rough Piece. 2500ctw Rare Prism Pattern Huge Cutting Quality Welo Ethiopia Opal Rough Piece 5600ctw Welo Ethiopia Crystal Opal Rough.