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Konjo Opals
Welcome to Konjo Opals, your source for the highest quality Ethiopian Opals, direct from the mines. We are a group of miners and master cutters that have been working with Welo Ethiopian Opals long before GIA recognized their discovery in 2008. If your wondering what Konjo means it is the term the local miners of Welo Ethiopia use to refer to the best opals when they are found. Konjo = Best.

We currently attend many international gemstone shows specializing in Welo Ethiopian Opals, finished and rough. We take anywhere from 50,000 to 300,000 cts of finished opals and a minimum of 50 to 200 kilos of rough Welo Opals to shows. Some of the shows we attend as sellers are JCK Las Vegas, Hong Kong Gemstone Fair, Tucson Gemstone show. We are always at the opal mines weekly and every day new opals are being brought to our Ethiopia office by the miners that work with us.

All of the opals we display for sale here on Opal Auctions are hand selected for the rareness of patterns, top color play and rare sizes. Rest assured you are buying a true one of a kind opal when buying from us, we are not here to hype up our opals with fancy titles and terms like extreme or investment. We simply want to show you the high quality opals we can supply for unbeatable prices.

Our opals are graded on the following scale. Bright 3/5 brightness Very Bright 4-4.5/5 brightness Brilliant 5/5 brightness Museum Grade 5/5+++ brightness

There is free shipping on all orders, backed by our one week full refund policy. Payments are due within 3 days of auction ending unless payment terms have been discussed with us before the closing of the auction.

Payment options are PayPal, Bank Transfer, Money Order, or Certified Check.

All questions or request are always welcome.

Thank You & Good Luck Bidding.

Team Konjo Opals